Simulation of Isolated Beryllium target

Dear Expert
I want to do this work using FLUKA Simulation of the bombardment of isolated Beryllium target with 100MeV proton beam (radius=3cm, uniform spatial distribution) and find track length estimation of neutron fluence and energy distribution on the target. Base on my understanding, usrbdx card should be able to account for it. I want to ask if this card is appropriate and if there’s any previous related questions ask by the users that can be of help to me. I need your guidance.

Dear @profftee97,

USRBDX is a boundary crossing estimator, which does the job to get the fluence crossing from one region to another (e.g. entering your target) but if you want the track length estimation inside your target you can use the USRTRACK card, which is meant for this purpose.

Not sure if you are interested in energy deposition maps in your target but if you do you should use the USRBIN card.

Maybe the following presentations may be of help:

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