Simulation of scintillation LYSO with cover

I tried to Simulation of scintillation light output in LYSO. when I simulated it without any covering the number of photos that go to vacuum from LYSO. it is acceptable but when I added a very thin Baso4 cover around LYSO and I just open one side of LYSO the number of photons HIGHLY reduces.
As I know the cover must reflect photons and finally, a high percentage of them must be output from the open side.
this is my simulation:
LYSO_with_cover.flair (5.6 KB)
I check 0 and 1 and 0.64 for

but the results do not change more.
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Dear @rezaei.m.p,

Could you please explain better what is that you want? Thank you.

Hi @amario
I wanna simulation photon distribution and count the number of photons that output from LYSO to vacuum for an electron beam that interacts with an LYSO cell that has a BaSO4 cover.

In the LYSO material datasheet is wrote: the light yield [photons/MeV]=27600 but I got just 1000-3000 photon number(depend if r value in the metal card for BaSO4)
this is datasheet of LYSO:

lyso-material-data-sheet.pdf (532.0 KB)

I think some of my cards are wrong or I need other cards but I can not find any solution for it.
Is it possible to hint me about it?
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Sorry I think I put wrong file in the first post
this is my file:
LYSO_with_cover.flair (5.9 KB)

Dear Mohammad,

You must declare the BaSO4 cover as a metal in your flair file, otherwise it will be considered as an optical medium where optical photons can propagate rather than being reflected.

Simply use the OPT-PROP card with Type=METAL, then specify the reflectivity. For example:

In the attached example, the reflectivity is 99% (1-r=0.01), meaning 1% of the optical photons incident on the BaSO4 cover are absorbed rather than reflected. In any case, no optical photon is transmitted through the cover.