Solenoidal field magfld routine

Dear André

Thank you very much for the very helpful information.
Now I would like to focus the beam with a solenoid magnet and I would like to know if you have a custom routine for the solenoid field (magfld.f) on hand, please, send it to me if possible.
Or could you send me the some example how can I do this?

Thanks in advance
Beast regards

Dear @zamirkhanyan,

Sorry for the delay in replying!
Unfortunately, I do not have a routine for that purpose.

What I can inform you, for the moment,
is that in the next release of FLUKA
we are implementing new cards allowing you
to create magnetic fields which are defined from the interpolation
of a field map provided by the user.

I won’t detail more about this for the moment,
but it will be probably very useful to use complex magnetic fields,
as the one that you want.

The release will take place soon,
then if you did not create already your own routine,
you just need to be patient a bit more :slight_smile: