Some physical issues in simulation

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Thanks for your clear guidance! But the parameter ‘Ekin frac’ in LOW-PWXS still confuse me.

I change it from 0.0001 to 0.1(Figure 1 -4), and I observed a marked difference. How do I decide which is the most suitable?

In addition, the literature shows the energies of particulate emissions are 2.05 and 2.75MeV. Why is it different from the simulation result?

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Hello @ZhongLy,

Once again, sorry for the delay.
The Ekin frac is not a parameter of LOW-PWXS but of FLUKAFIX card.

The oscillations you observe are artifacts resulting from excessively long steps. Using FLUKAFIX will address the issue by reducing the step size, thereby increasing precision. I suggest that you decrease the steps until these oscillations are eliminated.

0.0001 appears to be an appropriate value for your situation.

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