Some runs are failing (KASKAD reason ENGW =< 0 && EKRES > 0)

Dear Fluka experts

I am experiencing some problems where some of my spawned runs fail while others run ok.
Fluka and flair are the latest version running on Windows.

I am currently on the Fluka beginners course and I think this problem started after adding Activation and DPA scoring. Maybe I have some thresholds wrong?

The model is a pion production target with 30GeV proton beam.
The target is a graphite rod enclosed in titanium.

My studies are for engineering design :
Energy for thermal/mechanical studies
DPA for material studies
Activation for remote handling

I have attached the flair, input files and some of the log files.



t2kv3.flair (14.8 KB)
t2kv3.inp (8.5 KB)

t2kv4_04004.err (9.7 KB)
t2kv4_04004.log (1.0 KB)
t2kv4_04004.out (109.0 KB)

Dear Mike,

  • As mentioned earlier today, you may want to lower the transport threshold of all particles to 1 keV. Use the PART-THR card for this for all particles, from 4-HELIUM to @LASTPAR, making sure to pass a second PART-THR card to override the transport threshold for neutrons to 1.0e-14 GeV.

  • Thanks for reporting. It allowed us to spot a variable that was not systematically initialized and is now fixed (will be distributed shortly).

With kind regards,