Source define issue

Dear Experts,
I tried to define source base on the tutorial :

but I can not give good result:
my real spectrum is:

but when my output spectrum in fluka is:

Do you have any Idea to solve this issue ?

my files are:
The real spectrum file:
savedSpectrum-ec=100.txt|attachment (20.1 KB)

Fluka files:
source_routine.flair (2.0 KB)
source_newgen.f (19.1 KB)

histogram file that I use to generate source in Fluka base on real spectrum file:
histogram.txt (9.1 KB)

best regards

Dear Mohammad,

the issue is that you are plotting in Flair <X>*Y instead of Y. This means you get a N vs E plot instead of dN/dE vs E.


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Dear David,
Thanks so much.