Source strength

Dear Fluka Experts
I am trying to simulate a radioactive src Co- 60 with activity (84.93 TBq=2295.405 Ci = 8.493E13 Bq) so , for the fluka software its calculate the fleunce per 1 decay i.e., for 1 Bq activity my questions are:
1- how to define the source strength in the activity i mentioned above.
2- i want to score the dose-rate at different distance from the source, from previous discussions here i found that the dose-eq is given in pSv/s so i have calculated the conversion factor from pSv/s to Sv/h is 3.60E-09 am i right in this

Dear @muhammadmansy,

1-As you said, the results are given per decay, therefore, you simply need to normalize these multiplying for the activity of your source.

2-Yes, the conversion factor is correct.

@amario thanks for your answer , but unfortunately the calculated dose-rate is not the same as calculated using Rad-pro software
i am scoring using USRBIN for dose-eq and Using AUXSCORE for photons with the selection of AMB74 set value.
can you help in that.

Dear @muhammadmansy,
I’m sorry but I cannot comment on the difference between your results and a code I don’t know.

the calculation results are very consistent, Please refer to the picture…