Spectrum unfolding

Dear Fluka users,

I have dose data from an electron source and I want to extract the electron spectrum (dN/dE - Energy). This is also known as spectrum unfolding. I have used Fluka to simulate mono-energetic electron beams for multiple energies and get response functions from the detectors that measure dose. However, I am unable to continue any further and extract the spectrum.

To anyone interested, I have found the math behind unfolding in a user manual of a third party code. I do not know if it is allowed to post a link to the manual, so at the time being, I will not. I was just wondering if I can use Fluka for unfolding and not an external software.

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Dear @fitilis,
You cannot directly use Fluka to do an unfolding, you can use it to produce a response matrix and then use this to perform unfolding with some other software.
Depending on your study case, you can also produce with Fluka a response matrix to spectra more complicated that just monochromatic.
As for posting the link, I don’t see any problem as long as it points to a legit (i.e. not illegal) source.

Dear @amario,

Thank you for the clarification.

The code I was referring to is the AXIOM unfold code. Here is the user manual link, if anyone is interested:

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Dear @fitilis,

Thank you for sharing the link. I think some other users will find it useful.