STOP Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa

Dear FLUKA experts,

in a rare turn of events, I have exceeded the upper dp/dx abscissa. Apparently.

Abort called from DEDX reason Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa. Run stopped!
 STOP Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa. (176.9 KB)


  • rare
  • FLUKA 4-3.3
  • custom user routines linked with ldpmqmd
  • Stop occurred on a cluster system with Debain10, gfortran 10.2.0 and glibc 2.28 and I CANNOT reproduce the stop on my office PC (but reproducible on the cluster)

Hello Roman,

Thanks for the report.

It looks like there was a particle in your simulation with an energy exceeding the upper limit in the dE/dx tabulations.

I unfortunately fail to unzip your file in both linux and mac, maybe something went wrong with the upload. Feel free to reiterate so we may take a more detailed look into the actual cause of the crash.

Thanks in advance!



can you try renaming the file extension to .tar.gz?

edit: this one should work directly (155.2 KB)

Ah! Thanks, this one works. We take a calm look and get back to you asap.



Thanks once again for sharing the crash report.

The bugfix curing this hiccup shall be included in the next release.

With kind regards,