Stop inconsistent n. of spots

thanks a lot for your reply i changed the memory and my problem was solved
But appeared with me another problem ‘’ Abort called from MLSPOT reason INCONSISTENT N. OF SPOTS RUN stopped “”
I shared my log,err, and out files

b001.err (46 Bytes)
practice_4_Th_geometry001.log (96 Bytes)
b.out (675 Bytes)

Many thanks.

Dear @vasilis thanks for your reply
i attached my files , if you want my input file tell me please.

Dear @walaa.khalil88,
Indeed @vasilis has already asked for your input and voxel in order to debug.

Dear @amario he asked my input file in previously problem so I asked him if he want it in this problem or not ?
can you tell me about any email to send it? please
just for security of the patient. excuse me

Dear @walaa.khalil88,

It is understandable that you don’t want to share publicly your file. In this case, @vasilis, if available, may contact you in private.

Dear @vasilis
would you mind sending my input file private to you ?

I’ve previously run simulations with Dicom files (CT scans) converted to voxel geometry, however, now I’m getting a **** STOP INCONSISTENT N. OF SPOTS**** error

i don’t know the reason of this error.
can any one help me how solve this problem?

hallo fluka users
what is the solve of the problem or the error which appeared with me ?
“'Abort called from MLSPOT reason INCONSISTENT N. OF SPOTS Run stopped!

Dear walaa,

based only on the error message, it seems the problem is with the definition of the source:

The number of requested beam spots on the SPECSOUR card with type BEAMSPOT is not equal to the number of specified spots using the SPOTBEAM cards.

For a working example see slide 34 of this presentation: