Stop too many errors in geometry

Dear fluka experts,

I have an input file that runs successfully(room-50cm), but if I change it slightly(room-70cm), there will be a big error,and the .err file is 260M in size.By the way,If there are few particles running, there will be no errors.
Geometry is simple, but I don’t know what’s wrong. I will upload these files. If you have time, please check them for me,Thanks.
room-50cm.inp (2.9 KB) room-70cm.inp (2.7 KB) room-70cm_01001.log (155 Bytes)


Dear @nostaaal,

I’ve been running your room-70cm.inp file and didn’t get any geometry error. Are you sure you uploaded the right files? After how many primaries did you get the error? Could you please upload the last random seed before the crash?

I used five parallels, each with five loops, and each loop had four million particles.
Every loop will go wrong,These are files from one of my loops.(.err file and .out file are too large to upload) (2.5 KB)

Indeed you have geometry errors, since your geometry is wrongly defined: your SHIELD2 region overlaps the BLKBODY region, as in the attached figure.

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Thank you. I forgot to check it by rotating it. This taught me another skill.