Study of Ga-68 yield

Hi, I am the beginner at FLUKA, and trying to calculate the yield of Ga-68. So, can you send the input card to me ?

Thank you vert much!

Dear @wangxiaohe,

I would recommend you to go through the material of the last Fluka training first and try to solve your problem by yourself before asking for help.
A couple of extra comments:

  • please do not hijack a previous thread on a topic similar to that interests you but rather open one of your own;
  • while it is perfectly ok to ask for help, it is not usually a good idea (neither personally, nor scientifically) to ask people to do what is supposed to be your work, plainly asking them to “give you the input cards”.

Dear Xiaohe,

The figure was produced running directly FLUKA’s interaction models by means of a dedicated driver which is not yet ready/foreseen for distribution.

One could attempt to use the USRYIELD card (in a thin geometry and using LAM-BIAS to effectively sample nuclear inelastic events in such scenario), but it is a bit cumbersome. Alternatively, still in a thin-geometry setup with LAM-BIAS, if one is well versed in the use of FLUKA user routines, one could intercept the desired final states (one neutron and 68Ga produced) in the USDRAW entry of mgdraw.f and keep track of the ratio of desired events to the number of nuclear inelastic interactions of the incoming proton, scaling this ratio with the reaction cross section in the end.

Being practical, since you’re interested in the case at hand, i.e. 68Zn(p,n)68Ga, you can simply make use of the figure I posted.

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Thank you very much. I have try to learn the manual of FLUKA and write the input file by myself. However, the output is not what I expected. So, I want to learn the similar input card for check my input card.

Thank you very much for your advice.
Xiaohe Wang

Thank you very much for your reply.I will try using the USRYIEDL card.

Best regards,

Xiaohe Wang