Suggestion about a required modification requested to be made in Flair

Dear Flair designer
I must admit that the FLAIR program is extremely wonderful, which made working on the FLUKA code as much fun as possible, and here I would like to express some opinion on some of the points that I would like to request to develop in the next versions. P
I noticed the following :

1- The mat menu design kindly I request to be alphabetec arranged for easier use

2- LowMat menu I request to be alphabetec arranged for easier use
for this topic too, I request to be more wide to fit most graphic cards
(wide view requested to be wider)

3- may be this requested for the other menus
Please accept all my appreciation and respect.

Dear @mohammed.fayiz

  1. many versions ago in flair the drop-down lists for particles, regions, materials, etc… were sorted alphabetically which was later abandoned for the following reason:

    In many cards in FLUKA you can define ranges e.g.
    from region to region with a certain step assignment.
    When the list was sorted you cannot tell which item is first and which one is last, to properly define the range. (Actually to have them sorted is easier than to have them respect the true order as they appear in the input file, due to the particularity of fluka inputs that one can redefine a material)

    However all listboxes in flair are searchable. you only need to type a few letters of the item you are interested and it will shrink the list to only the matching ones

    For some time there was an option to show either in alphabetic or true order list. If really needed we can activate this option back again.

  2. You can increase the width of any field by simply dragging the tabs on the top of the Input editor
    The ticks on the topmost line
    Tip: If you hold Shift while you are dragging a tab it will make all following tabs the same size

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Dear Vasilis Vlachoudis

Thank you very much for these kind explanations and useful tips. Really it will help a lot. Please, if there are some features that can be easily reactivated, such as to show either in alphabetic or true order list, as mentioned, it would be very useful.

Sincere thanks and appreciation.