Temporary directory immediately deleted after run

I’m new to Fluka & Flair, so please excuse my ignorance. I installed the tarball on my Ubuntu-20.04 laptop and am attempting to follow the tutorial very carefully.

When I try to run Flair with a New “basic” model, it seems to run and said it was using a temporary directory “fluka_7074”, but when the run ended after 15 minutes and said it “Finished OK”, that subdirectory immediately disappeared along with all the results.

All the *.log files in the launching directory have 0 bytes. All the .err files seem ok. All the ran files contain hexadecimal numbers.

What could I be doing wrong?

Dear @kevin.b.beard,

From your description, it seems that everything went well, you just need to “merge” the output files. I recommend you to have a look at the slides from the last Fluka course, particularly at the lecture Flair intro and basic input to least about the first basic actions for running a Fluka simulation.