The best current general workflow to import CAD models in FLUKA

Dear Mr. Andrew (@makeclean)!

Sadly, I can’t send any mail to you… From any of my email address… I will create the topic here, maybe others will join the discussion and find this useful. I just found the new topic on the FLUKA forum regarding use of Cubit and DAGMC plugin for the CAD import (FluDAG with FLUKA 4-3.3 - #2 by makeclean). Can you help me with the general workflow of using it now?

Let’s assume that I have the “main” FLUKA input file with some geometry already defined (let’s say some experimental hall) and I want to add more magnets to it, for example, let’s say magnet ( in it. What are my steps to do so? I’ve installed Cubit, do I need FluDAG as well? Or can I just create all the necessary surfaces and assignments for FLUKA input using Cubit+DAGMC only and just to paste them in my input file?

As I understand, I need all the geometry enclosed in one .step file and I can’t add just some parts, is it so? I want to define some boundary and put all the geometry from step file inside, just like in the case with lattice. Is it doable?

Will looking for your answers!

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Hi @Ivan appologies for the delay! I’m sorry that your emails aren’t getting through. Curerntly with FLUKA + DAGMC (FLUDAG) there is not facility to mix and match CSG geometry with CAD geometry. Your geometry either needs to be fully CSG or fully CAD.

In your case, seeing as you have a CAD magnet and a CSG geometry, you would need to convert the CSG into the MCNP using the ‘export to MCNP’ option for FLAIR and then use the MCNP import feature of the DAGMC Cubit plugin. Then you can do it all with Cubit and the regular DAGMC workflow.

I would love to support a hybrid mode in FLUKA, but not yet.

Hello @makeclean !

Ok, I see… I might try the suggested! This hybrid mode could be helpful if the geometry in general not too complicated, but some elements are (magnets etc).

Thank you!