The most effective computer for FLUKA

Dear experts!
Can I get your opinion on what hardware is best solution for building the most efficient on-table computer for FLUKA? Is the Intel Core i9-13900K the best foundation for this or are there even better solutions?


Dear Suvorov,

First of all, sorry for the late reply.

I have looked at the specs of the Intel Core i9-13900K, they are definitely top-notch! And it is important to have latest generation (like is the case here).

With 32 threads (if I understand the specs correctly), you should be able to ‘spawn’ (following the Flair terminology) quite a lot!
Basically, you should be able to launch a significant amount of independent FLUKA processes on a single local machine (1 ‘spawn’ = 1 process).

I would definitely take care about RAM as much as the CPU. Since each FLUKA process can be in the order of just below 1 GB (obviously dependent of the application, I must say I have not benchmarked all use cases, potentially could be even more): to be able to exploit the parallelism of your architecture in a multi-processes FLUKA run, definitely 32 GB RAM at least, 64 GB RAM would be best.

Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

Best regards, and sorry again for the late reply,