The problem of DICOM viewer

Dear Fluka and Flair experts
I am using Fluka 4-3.4, Flair 3.3-1. When I import the same DICOM files to flair, I have found the different image between flair and dicompyler.


What is more, I get an error when I run the program ignoring this difference.

I am confused how can I sovle the problem and run the program.

Dear @xuchong

on the bottom of the RTViewer/CT viewer there are some sliders that can help you adjust the image
The sliders

  • Window Center / Width makes the image brighter or more sharper the colors. You can right-click with the mouse to select the default values stored inside the DICOM.
  • Preset selects a predefined setting.
  • With the Slice you can move to the desired slice.

The ERROR: Region ‘VOXELxxxx’ empty expression you can ignore. Its a false error of flair since the voxel region do not have an expression in FLUKA. Its corrected in flair and we will soon push an update of flair. In any case it will not affect the FLUKA run.