The unresolved issue of downloading FLUKA

Dear experts,
I downloaded and installed a new version of Flair, but now I can’t download the latest version of FLUKA.
In the last question, I clicked “Step 2” in “Registration”. I entered my account number and password in the red box below, but the display was invalid. I also reset the password in “Guest access” according to the last answer, but it did not solve the problem.
I also submitted my questions in the “Contact Form”, and its reply did not solve my problems.
Is there a problem with my login procedure? Or can’t the account logged into the forum be used to download FLUKA?
Even my newly registered account can’t log in to download the new version of FLUKA.

Dear Junjie,

Did you eventually manage to create a new Lightweight account (i.e. did you overcome the problem with the reCAPTCHA when registering the new account)?

If I understand correctly your question, even with your new Lightweight account you cannot login to register as a FLUKA user?

Kind regards,

I still can’t create a new user in “Step1” of “Registraction” . “reCAPTCHA” is still unsolvable. I can only create a new user in “Guest access” , however, the new user created in “Guest access” still could not be used to login to “Step2” of “Registraction” , so I still could not download FLUKA.

I am going to contact you offline in order to solve the problem.

Dear expert,
I want to register an account , but the “Please complete the reCAPTCHA verification.” is displayed in the registration process. What should I do?