The user interface window disappears

Dear expert

My fluka install in wsl following the manual and it worked fine a few days ago. But recently the flair windows disappear while my simulation is running.

The flair windows is fine while Pre-run model building and startup operations. But the flair window disappear after hours of running while there is no error or warning in the terminal. And I check the location of the simulation file, the running file is exist.

How to solve this problem?

Bonus question: My computer is 22 cores and 44 threads, but when running spawn over 36, some of the threads turn red (only 36 threads are running), what causes this?

Thanks in advance,
Luyu Zhong

Dear @ZhongLy
its hard to say why it disapears, especially when this happens without any error. I would suggest that you do the following. Run flair from the commmand line and enable the verbose output and log everything in a file like

$ nohup flair -v

it will create a nohup.out which will be populated with various messages. If the problem comes from flair maybe we can have a hint there what went wrong.

Dear Vasilis Vlachoudis

Thank you for your advise, and I will try later!

But, how to deal with the problem of some spawn failure while the run starts?

In the flair windows, the status of the error spawn is “Time out” .

Thanks in advance,
Luyu Zhong

Dear @ZhongLy,

Since this one is a question on a totally different topic, I’d like to ask you to open a dedicated thread to address it. In this way the forum will be a more easily searchable place.
Additionally, I invite you to search on the forum for threads who addressed similar problems. A solution to your problem could already be available.