Things Flair allows you to do that FLUKA does not


I am a relatively new user to FLUKA and FLAIR. I am working on a relatively complex geometry and after successfully building it without errors in FLAIR, I ran into a number of obstacles when attempting to initiate a FLUKA run. Many of them are things that FLAIR allowed me to do, but FLUKA would not. These things could be flagged as errors in FLAIR or require a small change in how the FLUKA input is composed from it.

  1. #define: It seems to me that flair writes fluka input defines in lexographical order, so #define XX comes before #define XXY in the fluka input file, even if XXY comes before XX in the flair input file. This becomes a problem if XX depends on XXY. FLUKA will give an error that XXY is defined twice.

  2. $start_transform. FLAIR allows the user to nest a transform one level inside of a transform. The FLUKA manual specifically states that this is not allowed. FLUKA just outputs "*** Start_transform directive without corresponding End_transform, execution terminated *** " FLAIR will successfully detect 2 levels of nested transforms.

  3. FLUKA trunkates body names to 8 characters. FLAIR does not - it allows at least 9. So if one has a body named “abcdefgh” and another “abcdefghi”, FLUKA will give an error that “abcdefgh” is defined multiple times.

Thanks for all of the work on FLAIR.

Many thanks @rfliller3

  1. You are right, FLUKA do not accept duplicate #define with the same name. However for the order I have to check
  2. fluka accepts only one nesting of start_transform, start_expansion, start_translat. With the highest priority the translat and lowest tranform
    You cannot have them in inverse order.
    Flair had a protection for that and it was reporting an error, but the recent developments to support other MC codes, broke the functionality. I am going to restore the error checking.
    It should be in this order:
$start_transform rot
$stat_translat x y z
  1. There was a typo in the error checking of flair and it was accepting bodynames with 10 characters. I’ve corrected it now to 8.

Correction on 2
If you have the transformation directives in wrong order, flair is giving an error, however the geoviewer was rendering the image.
The corrected version of flair will be release in the next days.


Thanks for the prompt response. Just to be clear, on the transformations, flair allowed me to do:

$start_transform rotA
    $stat_transform rotB

Thanks @rfliller3 it should give a warning, if not I will add

@vasilis, there was no warning. If the $start_transform was nested 3 times were was an error.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ve corrected it now.