Too many errors in geometry

Good afternoon, i am working on a Phantom of a human torso to use on simulations of radiotherapy and proton therapy, i add the torso it self and run with no problems, after i also added the lungs and heart and again the simulation was perfect, but when i added the liver this error happened and stop the whole simulation, i try to work on the zones and objects but no success, can someone help me on this?

Fantoma001.out (269.7 KB)
room-70cm_01001.log (155 Bytes)
Fantoma001.err (92.7 KB)
Fantoma.flair (3.8 KB)

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Dear @samuel.gaiato,

As soon as I open your geometry in the geometry editor I see that a portion of your geometry is not defined. This is the reason for the crash.

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Dear Samuel Gaiato
please I have an inquiry!
where can I find the elemental composition for stomach and other human organs (the official recent organ tables which is not found in FLAIR)?
Many thanks in advance