Torus Body Problem

Dear experts,

Recently, in the FLUKA-4, torus body has been added: TRX, TRY and TRZ (torus on the Y-Z, X-Z and X-Y plane respectively).
But this body does not appear in drop down list related to bodies in flair-3.1-5, nor is there an explanation about that in FLUKA-4 manual.

Another problem I encountered was exporting the FLUKA code input file to MCNP format.

Meanwhile, torus macrobody is defined in MCNP code with the following cards and symbols:

Any help will be appreciated in advance.

Dear Asghar,

FLUKA 4.1 currently does not support torus bodies.
Flair has some hidden, experimental features which allow these bodies to exist in a Flair project file, but FLUKA won’t be able to run geometries with them.
The same apply to the MCNP conversion feature as well. It is not prepared to handle tori.


Dear David,
Thanks so much.