Tracing an x-ray spectrum

hello fluka experts i want my spectre to start from 0 can someone help please thank upi
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ps : my files
sphere.flair (1.5 KB)
sphere.inp (1.9 KB)

Dear @kitaniabdellah,

This is not the way to ask a question on any forum. Nobody here knows what you’re physical study case is. The fact that you have already asked question on other threads, doesn’t mean that who is reading this thread is aware of the previous ones. You should describe what it is and then ask a question.
What is this spectrum? Where does it come from? What do you mean precisely with “spectrum starting from zero”? I can see that along the x-axis it starts at zero and has a long tail up to 15e-5.


@amario thank for the advices and sorry i was in hurry next time i will describe my topic better
i apologize thank you
best regards

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