Transparency of dose map overlaid on image

Dear Flair experts,

I have a question about overlaying a USRBIN dose map onto a .png image. Is it possible to make the colored-dose map transparent, such that the details of the image below it are visible?

The below image is what I have managed to generate thus far, but I would like to improve it even further (if at all possible). :grinning:

Your advice is much appreciated!


Dear Ted,

yes, you can change the transparency of the USRBIN result with this slider:



Hi Dávid @horvathd,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that, and it does make the dose map more transparent.


However, I was hoping to make it transparent so that I can see the walls and guide-lines in the Image layer (from picture below, where I turned off the Usrbin layer).


Thank you @ted.liang I am looking for a possible solution and I will keep you posted

Hi @ted.liang can you try the new release of flair 3.1-11, it solves the issue

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Thanks you very much for your help @vasilis!

Now I have this gorgeous figure. :grinning: