Tungsten X-ray Spectrum

Dear FLUKA experts,

I want to obtain tungsten x ray spectrum by sending an electron beam to the tungsten material. I am using USRTRACK and DCYSCORE to estimate track-length fluence of photons. But, I can not get results for photon energies below the approximately 33 keV. How can I get results for low energies? Also, I am using PRECISIO as a default setting and I am not using EMFCUT.

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Dear Selman,

You’re almost there. See the manual section for the EMFCUT card to lower both the production (with SDUM=PROD-CUT) and transport (empty SDUM) threshold of photons accordingly.

Also, you might not need the DCYSCORE card.


PS: you can anticipate an underestimation of the intensity of the characteristic lines due to FLUKA’s lack of a detailed model of inner-shell ionization by direct electron impact.

Hi Francesc,

Thank you for your reply.