Two particle beam

Hi FLUKA experts
Im simulating a geometry where a proton beam of 800GeV and 500kW is runs along z-axis (positive direction) and is 10cm upstream from the target. Also along z-axis but in opposite direction an electron beam of 500MeV, 1MW and 10mA runs along negative z-direction. For each beam I’d used SpotBeam, SpecSour, and SpotPos. And when I run the simulations there’s no beam that is incident on the target. Is it correct method or not? If not then how can I simulate both beams simultaneously hitting their respective target.?

Dear @muneeb.wajid.r ,

Thank you for your question. In principle, your approach seems right to me: using SPECSOUR card (SDUM=BEAMSPOT), SPOTBEAM and SPOTPOS. Nevertheless, this would not be compatible with an user source routine.

If you upload your input file, we could have a better idea about where the problem is.


Mario Sacristan

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