UBCHCK error - regarding

Dear Experts,

This is related to UBCHK error.

1. Case 1: Primaries = 7E06; 10spawns, 4 cycles. 
          No. of USRBIN cards = 24 
          Each USRBIN card, with each bin size = 20.67 * 14 * 20.67 cm^3 
          (covering the total volume with 175 bins. Total volume is 1052485.2 cm^3).
          Successfully Run. Results obtained.
2. Case 2: Purpose – to reduce the bin volume to 1000 cm^3 and scoring in three planes.
          Primaries = 5E05, 1 spawn, 1 cycle 
          No. of USRBIN cards = 18 
          Each USRBIN card, with each bin size = 10*10*10 cm^3
         “FINISHED WITH ERRORS”. Error: UBCHK error.

test.f (10.5 KB) case2,72USRBINcards.err (1.6 KB) case2,18USRBINcards.err (1.6 KB) case2.inp (19.8 KB)

Kindly suggest, what is the problem?
Please find the input & error files for case 2 and user routine attached.

Thanks & regards,

Dear Raksha,

thank you for reporting. Unfortunately you encountered a very rare bug related to the scoring algorithm. It has been fixed, and a new release of FLUKA is expected to be available quite soon. In the mean time you can try changing the random number seed to prevent it happening.