Unable to build a executable

Hi everyone, I have encountered a problem recently i.e. I am unable to build a executable.


Moreover it shows me “Permission denied”.The way I overcome it is by running “sudo su” then “flair”.Is this the reason i am unable to build the executable.

Kindly do the needful at the earliest.

these are the files that i have added.

The needful appears to be on your side: the flair Permission denied issue was just discussed today, while the compilation error is clearly displayed in red as directory is not found or not set (set the Fluka Directory in the Flair Config panel).

Can you please tell me how to set the Fluka Directory in the Flair Config panel?

I followed up that discussion and the error message has changed and i have also set the preference like this.

However when i set the preference ,it shows me this warning

Please set the correct FLUKA directory in Preferences, which is not /usr/local/flair but /usr/local/fluka.
Moreover, the user routine name should not contain any blank nor parenthesis (rename frghns (1).f to frghns.f or whateverfrghns.f).