Unable to Process usrbin and usrtrak Output Files


I am trying to work through the n_TOF tutorial. I have assembled the input file per the guide, and I can run it successfully. When attempting to compile the data under the run tab, it returns an error saying that it failed. I can’t find anything directly indicative of where I should be looking to correct this issue. I’ve attached my FLAIR project and a screenshot of the returned error output. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Updated tutorial file:
tutorial.flair (3.2 KB)

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Dear @RJacob,
Let me ask a naive question. Is the path to usbsuw and ustsuw correct? It seems a bit fishy to me. Are you running on Windows using WSL?

Hi @amario, I looked into the /bin directory, and the ustsuw and usbsuw files do not exist there. I did find them in the /Users/RJacob/FLUKA/fluka4-2.1/src/tools folder as .f and .o files, but I don’t know what this means. Thanks for the input, it definitely is a step in the right direction.

I am on an Intel MacBook running MacOS 12 Big Sur, for reference. I am using the FLUKA precompiled library for MacOS 64bit.

I’ve attached an image of the /bin folder, in case it is missing anything

My naive guess would be that there has been a problem during the installation, but I really know nothing about Mac. Help from a Mac expert is needed. Maybe, in the meantime, you can search on the forum, in the installation category, if there’s any thread that could help you.

Hello @RJacob ,

to install FLUKA, please follow the instruction here.
After the command make in your directory /Users/RJacob/FLUKA/fluka4-2.1/src, please check that the ustsuw and usbsuw are actually generated.

Best regards

Hi @luillo

I have made FLUKA again, following those instructions. During the make process I encounter an error indicating that the m-preferred-stack-boundary-8 variable is not found. In the config.mk file I commented this line out, as shown below, and it compiled properly and I was successfully able to run the tutorial input and process the results in FLAIR. I’m not sure if this will be an issue in the future though. Thank you for your help.

Hello @RJacob ,

glad that it works.
It should have no issues, but I’d like to make some further tests.

Could you possibly send the output of the following commands?
uname -a
which gcc
gcc -v
port echo requested

and the name of the FLUKA package you have downloaded?

Cheers Luigi

Hi @luillo,

Here is the output of the commands as requested. Hopefully it helps shed some light on the issue.


Dear @RJacob ,

you are not using gcc compiler from MacPort which is normally available in /opt/local/bin/gcc
You need to install it with the commands
sudo port install gcc10
sudo port select --set gcc mp-gcc10

More details here:

Please let us know if this fixes the problem.
Best regards

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