Missing usbsuw / ustsuw on Ubuntu

Hi @luillo
I hope you are doing well. I am currently facing the same problem as @RJacob going through while working on the n_TOF tutorial. I’m using Linux [Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS] operating system.
Need assistance Please!

M Zahid

Hi @zahi ,
your problem is different since you’re using a different OS.
Better to open a different post. My colleagues, expert on linux, will take care of your issue.

Dear @zahi,

Also, could you post the output of the installation process?


Happy to hear from you!
I have .tgz compressed file for Fluka [fluka-4-1.1.Linux-gfor9.tgz] and installed flair through the link. [Official flair site]
i have installed Fluka package few weeks before and successfully running a test file using the terminal command (screenshot attached) but while working on a n_TOF tutorial i can’t merge the files of scoring.
And sorry i am unable to understand the meaning by your statement “output of the installation process”, should i perform some commands?
Willing to hear further. Thanks!

M Zahid

Dear @zahi,

I mean the output of the make command used during the installation. Did you set the necessary enviroment variable as written at the bottom of Installing FLUKA on GNU/Linux or macOS (.tgz packages) | The official CERN FLUKA website?

Also, could you tell me what files are in your /bin directory where FLUKA is installed?

You may want to get and install the latest FLUKA version 4-2.1, and see if the issue is fixed.


Respected Sir,
Thanks for your reply. Now i get it, but i didn’t save the output of the make command. Should i perform the installation again and save the outputs for future consideration?

Yes, i also set necessary environment variables using bash shell.

I have attached the shot that shows files included in the /bin directory of FLUKA folder.

I will try to get latest FLUKA version as you mentioned but i want to know is there any method available that i can try and fix the issue on my current version of FLUKA through commands or else.

Hoping to hear from you.
M Zahid

Dear @zahi,

it looks, you have the executable in the directory /home/fluka/bin but in the previous image suggests that Flair looks for the in /home/zahi/flukarun/bin.

In a new terminal please run the command:

which usbsuw

an let us know the result.


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Sorry I am late.
Yes! you are right the problem is with the directory. Now i have set the correct path for the files in the Fluka Directory and it is successfully running. For reference i have attached the shot you requested.

Thank you very much.
I appreciate your guidance.