"Unable to resolve name element CONCRETE in card"

Hi FLUKA community,
I’m very new to this application so please pardon my ignorance. I’m currently trying to edit the gcrexampleAllParticle example in /pathto/fluka/fluka-4.2.1/examples/gcr/AllParticleExample, the only modification I’m trying to introduce is to have Earth be composed entirely of concrete. In order to try and accomplish this, I modified atmomat.cards and atmlocmat.cards to include material definitions of concrete. They are now:

atmomat.cards (27.8 KB)
atmlocmat.cards (5.8 KB)

But when I attempt to run FLUKA with the gcrexampleAllParticle input, I observe the following at the end of my output file:

*** Unable to resolve name element CONCRETE in card ***
*** run stopped ***
GCRconcrete001.out (21.1 KB)

Dear @eesha,
I believe I have found your problem, but just to be sure, could you please upload your .flair file?

Hi @amario, I actually haven’t been using Flair, just because I’ve had some issues getting it to work and I only currently need Fluka for something small.

Can you then please upload your full .inp file?

Sure @amario, this is the .inp file:
GCRconcrete.inp (4.5 KB)

Dear @eesha,

The error message that you reported in your first post is not the one that appears in .out file that you uploaded in the same post. The error message in the .out file is

*** Nonsense compound card, fraction -1.400000000000000E-02 of medium       11 for compound          ***
*** Execution terminated ***

This is due to the fact that the last COMPOUND card that you are using to define the CONCRETE doesn’t have any value in the SDUM, there you should write CONCRETE.

Additionally, your input is full of misalignment problems. One of this would cause the error message that you pasted in your post, which refers to a different input file from the one you sent.
I suggest you to use flair because it takes care of all the alignment and you don’t have to worry about it.