Units of energy deposited in USRBIN scoring

Thank you for the very quick reply. I have done that and can access the file, which is split into “accurate deposition along the requested track” matrix and “Percentage Errors …” matrix. Would I be assuming correctly then that the sum of the values in the first matrix of the ascii file will be the total energy deposition per primary particle in the request USRBIN volume, in GeV?

No. Assuming that you scored ENERGY in a Cartesian or cylindrical mesh, those values give deposited energy density in GeV/cm3 (it’s a different thing if you adopted instead a USRBIN by region, where the values are the average of the ones in the .out file of each cycle, you mentioned earlier, which give the energy deposited over each geometry region in GeV - despite the reported header GeV/cm3 that is “justified” by the assumption of a fake volume of 1 cm3 for normalization purposes - ).
So, in case of Cartesian mesh, where all bins have the same volume dx dy dz, the sum of the first matrix elements represents the total energy deposition per primary particle over the requested USRBIN volume in GeV only after being multiplied by dx dy dz (cm3).
In case of cylindrical mesh, the above does not apply, because the bins do not have the same volume, rather a volume increasing with the radial coordinate value.

Thank you for the reply. So if the USRBIN is set such that each volume is 1 cm3, e.g 8x8x8cm volume split into 512 bins, then the energy deposited is the sum of the matrix? Sorry to push the issue, just learning my way!

You are welcome.
Numerically yes, dimensionally each matrix element should be intended as to be multiplied by 1 cm3.