Updating to Flair 3.2-1 (2nd attempt)

Hi Fluka team,

I have followed the repo guide with this result:

Could you help me?



It seems that you have a mismatching fedora version with the one we produce it.
Which fedora version you have?
In this case the solution is to rebuild the src.rpm as it written in the Download page of flair.

Built from src.rpm

Issue the command
$ rpmbuild --rebuild flair-geoviewer-X.X-X.src.rpm

I updated Fedora 35 to 37 and followed the flair.repo commands to install flair without any problem.
Many thanks,


I ran into the same problem several versions of Fedora|Flair ago
I solved this by downloading flair and flair-geowiev and typing in the console:

sudo dnf install flair*