Upgrade new version

How do I upgrade to new 4.0 of fluka on fedora linux?

Did you try following the instructions at: https://fluka.cern/documentation/installation
You need to download the package corresponding the gfortran compiler you have on your machine, you can find out which one it is using the command “gfortran --version”

please check gfortran version command: gfortran --version
if its not 9.3
please update it or install it
sudo apt install gfortran
dwnload gfortran 9 version of fluka and then follow instructions
I did it on ubuntu.

In addition to gfortran 9.x, 7.x, 8.x and 10.x is also supported. Please download the corresponding FLUKA package. The list of compatible packages are listed here: https://fluka.cern/documentation/installation


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