Upgrade to 4.2.2

Good day.
I have installed and running version 4.2.1 . Now I downloaded 4.2.2 and would like to upgarde to it.
I have tried to simply do using rpm -ivh name , but I got as reply that this is conflicting with the installed version. Should I first disinstall the old version ?
I would like to ask if someone could suggest the correct procedure to do the upgrade to a new version; I also would like to suggest to give this instruction in the Installation page of the web site.
Thanks in advance


Dear Mario,

you could first uninstall the fluka package then install the new, or use rpm -Uvh command to update it without removing the old one.


Thank you.
rpm -Uvh works fine.

Sorry, maybe my question was obvious, but I am not that confident woth the rpm command … and I beleive many users are like me.

Thanks again, problem solved