Use of MGDRAW with my input file

Dear fluka Expert
I am still a beginner and I want to use MGDRAW with my input file on flair. I have modified the MGDRAW file to suit my input file and expectation result but I don’t know how to connect both MGDRAW and input file together and run. Is there any specific area in the manual that explains this? I am new on how to user routine.

Dear Saheed,

  1. First you need to compile a custom FLUKA executable. To do this in Flair see slide 29 of the following lecture. (The warning with the library file is not relevant)
  1. Then you need to add an USERDUMP card to your input to activate the mgdraw user routine (or the built in one if no custom executable is used during the run.) See: USERDUMP | FLUKA