User-defined fluence to dose coefficients

Dear FLUKA users
I need to use fluscw.f routine to apply the photon and neutron fluence-to-dose equivalent conversion coefficients.
I am not familiar with the routines, so I seek help on what I should do to use this routine and apply these coefficients.

Can you please help?

Dear @Motlatsi_Vincent ,

The fluscw.f user routine must be activated with the USERWEIG card in the input
USERWEIG 0. 0. 3. 0. 0. 0.
(see the manual for details).

The template provided in <path to fluka>/src/user contains only these two instructions:

      LSCZER = .FALSE.

that mean ‘multiply the present scoring contribution by 1 (i.e. do not alter it)’ and ‘do NOT discard the present scoring contribution’ respectively.

In this routine, you can implement your fluence-to-dose equivalent conversion coefficients and assign the FLUSCW variable the corresponding value, which will be used right after by FLUKA to multiply the
scored fluence as a function of the particle id and energy (the input variables are documented in the header).

Additional relevant variables are contained in this include file include/ in case you use USRTRACK scoring, in particular titutc identifies the detector name.

This fluscw.f (4.9 KB) contains a pseudo-code that you can use as starting point.

Hope this can help.
Cheers, Luigi