User defined mgdraw.f

Dear Experts,

I deleted everything except USDRAW from mgdraw.f and run USERDUMP in Flair, but output file was same as with standart mgdraw. Should i recompile fluka or flair uses some different kind of mgdraw?


Indeed, as you said, you need to compile the routine that you want to use.
I think this presentation may be useful for you (just page 29)

After compiling, remember to pass the executable to your run:

If you still have problems with it, just let me know and we can see it in more detail.



Dear Andre,

Thanks for your answer, it helped me. However there is one thing i can’t do. How to get eventId in mgdraw? My idea is to use EEDRAW to track it

The event number, running from 1 to the number requested in the START card (and stored in the variable NCASES), is given by the NCASE variable, available in mgdraw.f thanks to the default inclusion of the file.

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Thank you for your answer!

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