USERDUMP empty output

Dear FLUKA experts,

In my other post, I am using USERDUMP routine to record the energy and trajectories of e+ and e-, and eventually I fixed my problem with a new mgdraw.f script which worked smoothly. Now I want to do the same thing for a new setup, to record the secondaries flowing from region ’ MIDCEL2P’ to ‘MIDCEL2’, using this mgdraw.f script, while change the region names. However, although the run finished without any errors and the output files are created, no data was written into the output files.

I am not sure what’s wrong.
HRMT62_TUBE.inp (12.2 KB)
mgdraw_iron.f (11.4 KB)

Thank you for helping.

You inverted the region names, thereby asking for the opposite flow.
(Also, you keep calling the geometry routine making the region number to name conversion at each boundary crossing, which may have a considerable cost in CPU time, rather than calling the one making the region name to number conversion only once, as previously discussed and implemented).

Thank you for pointing that out, however, after reversing the region, I still couldn’t get any output…

(I noticed in your newly implemented script, you used


instead of


I am not sure if it might cause differences in simulations so I kept working with my old script)

You have (at least) one flaw in your geometry, resulting in one micron layer of blackhole at z=0, which prevents any particle from getting further. This is due to the fact that the out1 cylinder starts at z=0.0001 cm and the preceding innerpre cylinder ends at z=0, letting the BLKBODY region come in and fully ‘shield’ the OUT1 region. By the way, using consecutive RCC bodies with shared bases is a bad practice: one should use instead infinite cylinders (ZCC) and cutting planes (XYP), which would have also helped in avoiding this flaw.

LFIRST and LFCOPE are local logical variables with no effect whatsoever on the simulation physics and only serving local initialization purposes. If you prefer, you can put the GEON2R calls too under


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