Greetings All,

When simulating an irradiated materials, you can use DCYTIMES to define measurement intervals post irradiation. When calling these times for analysis, the DCYSCORE card is utilized. I have done this, but find that my output files only contain the last time listed in my DCYTIMES interval. Short of running a simulation 6 times to get the necessary data (my CPU usage doesn’t handle clones very well), how can I obtain a snapshot of the residual nuclei produced post-irradiation at all of my defined time intervals? My file is included. proj1_CaCl2_inc600_27_5MeV.inp (7.1 KB) Thank you kindly for your time.


Hi @rick
you input several RESNUCLEi detectors, in order to associate each of them to a different cooling time, but you forgot to change the detector name in the different DCYSCORE cards :wink:

Wow, thank you @ceruttif ! A fresh set of eyes is worth a million simulations.