Using source routine with DMPJET

Dear Daniele Calzolari

Good evening!Thank you for your help, and I suddenly have a question?
If I want to calculate the radioactive activity, I have to use’flukadpm’. So how do I use source.f together with flukadpm?

I am very sorry to disturb you again, thank you very much for your help to me, I sincerely look forward to your early answer, I wish you a happy work, everything goes smoothly in the Year of the Rabbit!

flukadpm is the name of the default executable when DPMJET (or RQMD where applicable) is requested. You can find a very good description here:

If you have user routines (and you need DPMJET), you have to select the appropriate linker (ldpmqmd instead of lfluka) to produce your executable. This is described here: Working with user routines | The official CERN FLUKA website


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Dear experts:

Good evening! I have a custom source.f and I want to know how to combine source.f with flukadpm. Making both of them a single executable document?
This is my source file:
SOBP.dat (2.7 KB)
sourceSpectrum.f (9.8 KB)
I hope you can help me,and I wish you all the best!


Dear Daniele:

Thank you very much for your help during this period of time, thousands of words can not express my gratitude to you! Sincerely wish you all everything goes smoothly!


Dear @zhuhy21,

@dcalzola has already answered your question, he has even made a snapshot of what you have to do. You should study the material from the beginner course and search for a solution yourself before asking immediately for help on the forum.
Look on slide 28 of source routine lecture.

Dear experts
Good morning! During this period, I learned basic courses and cases, solved the problem of linking user-defined sources to flukadpm, and successfully obtained radioactive activity. I have a question to ask you:

  1. I set 10 cooldown times and got 10 files, so that the FLUKA can be uniformly output to a map (activity changes with time)
    The following figure is my compilation process

    12C_21_tab.lis (28.3 KB)

I may not have found the right answer in the forum, so I hope you will give me your advice



Hallo, well done.
I cannot find any question in your post.
Apparently the compilation process went well. Note that it can be performed more conveniently in the dedicated Compile tab of Flair, rather than through command lines on the terminal.

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