USRBDX or USRYIELD to score optical photon

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USRBDX is Boundary crossing estimator,I have a question about the USRBDX to score optical photons between the different region boundary: since the two regions have different refractive index, whether the USRBDX can score the optical pnotons which cant refract out?

I did a test on this question,two region with different refractive index and two region with the same refractive index,other settings are the same,andthe outcomes of USRBDX are same.
Does that mean usrbdx score all the optical photons on the boundary regardless whether they refract out?

Dear @Will,

As far as I know you should obtain different results for different refractive indices because only the photons that cross the boundary —those that are refracted— should be scored. I just ran a test and I indeed obtain different results, could you maybe provide an example (input files) with which you obtain the same results?

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Dear @fogallar ,

Thank you for your reply!

I can now confirm that it is the reflected photons that are recorded.

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Hi again @Will ,

No, the ones scored are those refracted, which are those crossing the boundary.

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My fault,I wrote ‘refraction’ as ‘reflection’.

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