Dear Expert,
I used Usrbdx to score fluence that leak out from PbBi target and I want to compare my result with attached file. How do I normalize my result in both axes.
For Y axis I intend to use 1E92pi to convert from Gev to eV but I don’t know if I am correct.
I also need to report neutron yield in [n/s.p.].

Dear Saheed,

thank you for the clear question! First of all, to do the correct normalization you need to translate the FLUKA output into ‘per eV’ unit, multiplying by 1E9. You do not need the factor 2pi, by default the results delivered by FLUKA are per steradian (if you do not specify the number of angular bins in the USRBDX card).
Also, please consider that the value given by USRBDX is in cm^-2 only if you have provided the region volume (area) in the respective card field.

I hope this helps, please tell us if the normalization results seem consistent.

Best wishes,

Dear Alexander
Since I am plotting outside flair and I want to use tab.lis file. do I need to multiply my result with energy bin too apart from 1E9. I got this when I plotted result directly from tab.lis without any normalization. this is similar to what I want and the previous file in my first post.

No, when plotting a spectrum one has NEVER to multiply by the (energy) bin width (dE, which @agerbers did not mention on purpose).
Since you have a logarithmic energy scale, you should rather multiply by the bin energy (E, which is not dE), in order to get E dN/dE that is dN/dlog(E).

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I am lost, do you mean lethargy energy or what? How do I get dN/dE from my result. This means change in Neuton with respect to change in Energy, if I am not wrong.

Your results in the tab.lis file are dN/dE.
Nevertheless, when plotting as a function of log(E), one should do the lethargy plot dN/dlog(E), i.e. E dN/dE, in order to make sense of the area below the curve.