USRBIN for generated optical photon in situ

Dear FLUKA expert,

I am working on spatial distribution of optical photon generated in water emitted by a photon beam.
USRBIN measures optical photon fluence which includes optical photon transmitted from elsewhere.
How can I collect the spatial distribution of optical photon generated in situ? In other words, the map of optical photon generation.

thank you,
Xingchen Zhai

Dear Xingchen Zhai,

If the optical photons are produced by scintillation, then the number is precisely proportional to the dose (or energy deposition). It suffices to score one of these and your will get a quantity proportional to the density of the optical photon vertices.

For photons produced by the Cerenkov process, it is not as straightforwards. You could use a USERDUMP card with the MGDRAW user routine to dump the optical photon trajectories. You could also score the outcoming optical photons using a USRBDX card.