USRBIN output for Ar-41 source

I wanted to simulate a simple DOSE-EQ calculation problem using USRBIN & AUXSCORE for Ar-41. When I am using BEAM as ISOTOPE with HI-PROPE & RADDECAY, there is error in Plot and not getting result. But when I am using BEAM as PHOTON with 0.001293GeV then Plot is correct and getting result. I am not able to understand the issue in previous case.
Test.flair (2.6 KB)
Test 1.flair (2.4 KB)
Need help.

Dear Utpal,

When using a radioactive isotope as the source of primary particles it is necessary to apply the card DCYSCORE on all the detectors that you declared. The cooling time must be set to “semi-analogue”. See the screenshot below for an example.


I understand it. Now it is working. Thanks a lot.