USRBIN plotting

I get the following error message window:


col.inp (39.2 KB)

All of the USRBINs are commented out except FOUR at the bottom of the col.inp file. Everything ran OK using the first TWO, but when I tried to plot the lst TWo is when I got the error. This was after PROCESS followed by OZ procedures, of course.

This info was also sent to Flair automatically with my email.

Thanks, Ralph

Hi Walter
I see two problems from your output

  1. The red error: flair runs a fluka job with a PLOTGEOM card to get the boundaries of the regions in the requested plot window. FLUKA returned an empty file, probably due to wrong plot origin or extends so the window do not contain any region boundaries.
  2. TclError: bad window path name is typically generated from python tk, when for some reason you manually close a window, while python was a bit slow in catching and processing the event. Up to know I could not find a robust solution to avoid these situations. For the moment you can safely ignore that.

Hi Vasilis

In my col.inp I changed

  • E7ROOF - for Region 145


to AIR, so that I knew I would get lots of radiation through the 150 cm ROOF. When I tried to plot my USRBIN 33 I got the SAME error message I originally reported to you.

However, when I changed AUTO to NO in Use: (see attached)

I got a GOOD color plot as usual. What’s going on? Thx, Walter

Dear Walter,

the reason given by @vasilis is correct.

Let’s use your URSBIN 33 scoring and a projection along the Z axis as example:

Since a Z projection is selected, Flair (and FLUKA) will try to plot the geometry at

Z = \frac{Z_{min} + Z_{max}}{2} = \frac{-1998 - 834}{2} = -1416

With the extends X = -1405 .. 305 and Y = 500 .. 560, but in this “window”, there isn’t any boundary between regions, since it is fully covered by only a singe region.

If you try to plot an empty geometry, FLUKA will give an error, and this is what you see in Flair.

Selecting -No- will skip the generation of the geometry layer, allowing to plot the USRBIN data (averaged over the projection axis).

I hope this was clear.


In addition to @horvathd explanation, you can manualy entere in flair the location where the plot will take place.
With the field Pos: in the geometry block you highlighted.

If you leave it empty it will calculate the position as the middle of the usrbin as David explained.