USRBIN region binning

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I have been testing USRBIN region binning, scoring ENERGY. I am using three USRBIN cards: (a) one that scores from region 3 to 5, (b) one that scores in region 3 and (c) one in region 4. The results from detectors (a) and (b) are the same but those in (c) are different - for their respective region. Please see the pictures below (ignore detector names, they all score ENERGY not photons). Shouldn’t the results of (a) and (c) also be the same in region 4?


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In each of your USRBIN cards, you are not defining just one set of regions (including regions 3 to 5 for PHOTONS1, region 3 for PHOTONS2, and region 4 for PHOTONS3), but three sets of regions, including always region 21 in the second set and region 7 in the third set, as you can read from the formatted file content you reported.
In this (discouraged) case, you get the sum over the three sets, as pointed out in the manual (note 15).
Since such an use is discouraged, Flair hides the second and third set, preventing you from editing them. However, in your input those additional sets are not empty. You can clean them off by modifying the content of the input file with another editor or by selecting the USRBIN card in Flair and either pressing Crtl-E to access all its fields or changing the mesh Type to the same purpose. (Probably they are not empty because you earlier converted another mesh Type already filled into the Region Type, this way keeping the content of the additional sets, which became no longer directly accessible for the reason above).

Dear @ceruttif,

It’s true I had other regions which I later deleted. I did not know they remain in the USRBIN files and I thought these region sets were simply another way of FLUKA numbering them (!). It has now been fixed. Thank you for the clarification and the effort your team puts into this forum!

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