USRBIN result for region and cylinder mesh are not matching

Dear All
I have a very simple problem. I am trying to calculate the absorbed dose in POM cylinder when irradiated with gamma rays. The input file
dose_POM.inp (1.7 KB)
is attached. The problem is the discrepancey between when I score the Dose using Region option and when I use the R-phi-Z binning. Both in USRBIN scoring. The value that I get from USRBIN+ Region divided by the volume should be the value I get in USRBIN + R-phi-Z mesh. But I am getting twice. as if R-phi-Z volume is twice that of the the REGION volume.
I apologise if there is something very trivial that I am overlooking.

Dear Saurabh,

You are using the R-Phi-|Z| binning, which is symmetric to the Z axis, effectively doubling the scoring volume. You need to select the R-Phi-Z binning to get the expected result.


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