USRBIN Subtraction plot

I’d love to have a direct comparison of dose scored within a water phantom (electron beam) in two different scenarios (different focusing by magnetic quadrupoles). Does anyone have experience with plotting USRBIN difference plots? e.g. one subtracted from another? I know that the binary .bnn output files can be converted to ascii and then dealt manually with, but it sounds messy and I’m unsure about the proper spatial distribution of the data. If anyone has a tip (doing it directly in flair, potentially), it will be greatly appreciated!
Sebastian Kalos

Hi @sebastiankalos,

Unfortunately, there is no tool distributed with Fluka that does what you would like to do. It has been up to each user to write their own post-processing tools. Nevertheless, you clearly have a point. Maybe, or at least hopefully, something will be added in the new release.

@sebastiankalos you can do the following

  1. Create one usrbin plot 2D or 1D for each quantity in flair as a separate plot.
  2. You can use the command paste (for 2D) or join (for 1D) to join the two files together in the plot command of gnuplot, by replacing the splot command in the command window
    See the attached example where I make the difference from energy - EM-energy

Example project: sub.flair (1.8 KB)

Thanks, this is lovely!
It took me a while to figure out how exactly that works (I rarely use Gnuplot) - but the answer by sunil (thread here together with your file made it clear. It works perfectly now.