USRBIN Type region problem in FLUKA version 4-1.0

Dear experts,
I recently updated my FLUKA version to 4-1.0, but it seems that the simulation cannot run when USRBIN Type Region is seleted. The same input file runs well in FLUKA version 2011-3.0.



Here’s my input file,usrbin_test.flair (2.2 KB) usrbin_test.inp (1.6 KB)

I’m interested in the net charge of target,could you please tell me whether it is correct to use card USRBIN(Type region)? What should I do to run the simulation in FLUKA version 4-1.0?

Dear @shiqiang.pang,

The problem is due to the fact that in your scoring USR2 for the NET-CHGR, you have chosen as type “Region” rather than “Region point”. NET-CHGR is a point-like quantity and cannot be scored using track-length.
You have a crash now, because a check as been introduced to avoid this error. You can read this in the release not of FLUKA 4-0.1 (when this was introduced):

It is actually the first entry in the “List of changes”: “Prevented USRBIN apportioned scoring of NET-CHRG, RES-NUCL, and annihilation at rest of positrons (all are point-like quantities).”
You simply need to change the Type of the scoring.

It works, thanks a lot for reply.